Windows XP

Windows XP

Windows XP is a personal computer operating system produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Initially released in October 2001, there were three service packs these released for Windows XP, containing various bug fixes and the addition of certain features. Each service pack is a superseded all previous service packs and patches so that only the latest service pack needs to be installed, and also includes new revisions. These service packs had different minimum requirements for installation onto the target machine. Windows XP was the most widely used operating systems up until 2012. For a professional and reliable answers regarding Windows XP Please Call Durham PC Repair on 01915016710 .


Advantages Of Windows XP

Windows XP is a very fast and easy to use operating system. As a multitasking operating system it allows the users to switch between different applications and resume working with other applications even if one of the applications has stopped working suddenly. The boot process is so quick that within seconds, applications become useable. The second major advantage of XP is its quick delete function. Previously it would take a long time deleting files because users had to wait untill each file had been deleted. But with XP, the quick action of deleting takes place by clearing the NTFS (New Technology File System) trees. Its Ctrl+Alt+Del functionality implies that whenever a program freezes up, an exit route is available. Automatic updates to XP take place without delay in a time-bound manner and they do not interfere with browsing or other computer activity. Thinking of opting for a Windows XP re-installation? Call us now for free quote and impartial advice as to which system would be ideal for you. Call 01915016710. XP also presents an error notification report as whenever there is a problem an error report is sent to Microsoft for solution investigation thus preventing any system “freezing”.
Windows XP is formulated in such a way that it has a universal hardware support done by vendors.
XP runs on almost every computer with AMD or an Intel processor as the minimum requirements for Wondows Xp are lower than it predecessors.


Disadvantages Of Windows XP


The only disadvantage of the Windows XP as of today is security. Microsoft has discontinued security updates for XP, rendering it vulnerable to new virus and spyware attacks. The operating system is, therefore, unsafe for critical applications such as online banking. Also, the physical software is becoming difficult to find, although Microsoft still sells a user a license and activates XP upon request. What Microsoft does not do is provide an easy solution for removing newer operating systems so that they can be replaced with XP.


Why upgrade to windows 7?

Albert Smithsonian had a computer with Windows XP. He has just started to shop online but was concerned about fraud. Being an OAP he is concerned about upgrading to the latest version of Windows as this is very unfamiliar territory and if he buys a new computer he will be forced to change. Albert called Durham Pc Repair on 0191 5016710 for free and impartial advice for his predicament. If you want your PC  to be safe and secure and not to become malware \ spyware magnet, you have to stop using Windows XP.  Short of buying a new computer, your only real options are to replace XP with Windows 7Windows 8, or Linux. Arthur is going to concentrate here on upgrading  Windows 7. It has less of a learning curve than Windows 8 or Linux. Once upgraded, Arthur found his old machine was in perfect working order, and that Windows 7 had no real difference from XP apart from the better user Interface.