Windows 7

Windows 7 – Why Use Durham PC Repairs To Maintain And Protect Your Computer

Here at Durham pc repairs we offer a no jargon policy, we aim to diagnose the problemquote for the repair of the machine or other suitable alternatives. Included in our repairs are the options for remote fix, onsite and offsite repairs. Whether it’s general advice or a specific question regarding repairs on your computer call us on 01915016710. We welcome all enquiries and offer a no obligation quote.

Useful Features Of Windows 7

There are numerous advantages of changing over to Windows 7. These include but are not limited to;

  • Wide ranging compatibility with programs made for XP or Vista
  • Increased performance from existing hardware
  • Reduced start-up Time; start-up and shutdown is quicker while running programs
  • Plug and play for most devices i.e printers, digital cameras, ipods etc
  • Games folder including all the usual favourites and some new games

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