Data Recovery

Data recovery

Hard drive fails are a common issue that could see yourself being at risk of losing personal data such as multimedia files, work documentation and licensed software which has been paid for. At our head repair centre based in Durham, our specialist staff are able to salvage important files off your hard drive when it has become corrupted or worse yet has failed.

What options do I have?

Durham computers specialist staff can recover any loss of data that has incurred and after we will offer additional services at little extra cost to ensure issues such as this do not occur again. We will ensure that data will constantly be backed up to your liking from some of the methods listed below.

  • Cloud storage options that save data to a cloud server for you to access at any time on any compatible platform.
  • New backup features exclusive to Windows 10
  • RAID 1, which will duplicate all your data in real time to another hard drive on your desktop. This means if one drive fails your system will seamlessly transition over to the backup drive.

Given the nature of hard drives especially older hardware models, they are in constant use by your desktop or laptop which causes them to overheat frequently. Eventually the hard drive starts to malfunction due to overexposure of heat.

This in of itself can not only be costly for a user but can also have an emotional impact due to loss of important documents and media files which have been accumulated over the years.  The average user does not even use a generic backup option which usually ends in complete loss of data without advance recovery methods.

We pride ourselves as offering the most professional and reliable data recovery and backup service in the Durham so you can take comfort in knowing we are only one phone call away. Our team of technical engineers can recovery your data 95% of the time. Call us now on 0191 501 6710 to speak to one of our specialists about our recovery and backup packages we can cater towards your needs.