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Computer Repair Service Durham

Is your computer running slow? Or are you noticing unusual behaviour? At Durham Computers we offer residents of Durham a cost effective cocomputer repair servicemputer repair service completed in a professional manner. Our team of computer technicians have fixed hundreds of customer’s computers, no matter how big or small the issue you are facing may be our computer repair service has you covered.

Computer Repair Service Near Me

Durham Computers provide a call out service at highly competitive prices, this includes pick up and delivery where you pay no extra cost. We refuse to charge by the hour. Services we offer come in a wide variety including a quick PC clean up to a data recovery service, we even can build you a desktop computer tailored for your specific requirements.

computer repair service durham

Data Recovery Durham

Have you noticed that certain files, pictures, documents or even videos have gone missing from your PC? If this is the case for you a data recovery service will be required to retrieve them. As well as list of other computer repair services we do in fact specialise in data recovery where we operate on your computer and retrieve the files that have gone missing. There are two different types of data failures that can occur

  1. Hard drive cannot access data
    All data is stored on your computer’s hard drive. In some cases your PC’s hard drive can actually be completely fine but for some reason it is struggling to retrieve data, this is a software related problem. If this is the case data recovery will be required to retrieve all the files you have lost
  2. Hard drive failure
    The second issue at hand is a fault with the hard drive its fault. The hard drive of your computer is very delicate, even the slightest of knocks on it can cause critical failures and data from this point is extremely vulnerable and therefore tends to go missing. If this is the issue with your computer then Durham Computers can still retrieve your data.

With different computer repairs for different problems Durham Computers is a computer repair service that can get the job done first time round with no problems. Get in touch today by calling 0191 501 6710 or alternately fill in the contact form where we will get back to you as soon as possible.

computer repair service county durham

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